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Should I rent or buy a flute?

Renting is a good option for new beginners. Check out your local music stores for monthly rental plans. If you already own a flute, please make sure it's in great working order. 

What age is good to start flute lessons?

I take students as young as 7 with parents assisting as "Home Teachers". Students ages 10 and older are welcome to take private lessons. Motivated Teens and adults are always welcome at any level. 

How long and how often are private flute lessons?

Beginning lessons are 30 minutes weekly. Intermediate and Advanced students have success with 45 minute - one hour lessons weekly. 

Why should I take lessons with you?

I am a professional flutist in Santa Fe with over forty years of experience as a Flutist and Flute teacher. I evaluate each student in a Private Lesson as to their individual needs to become the best flute player possible

My student is in their school band. Why are private flute lessons valuable?

Private flute Lessons provide individualized lessons to optimize a student's success as a flute player. Private lessons focus on the student's techniques and musicianship. Private flute lessons give the student a distinct advantage for success in auditions, honor and community bands and orchestras. 

live far from Santa Fe. Are online Flute lessons possible?

Absolutely. Online Flute lessons are available on several video chat platforms including Google Meet and Zoom.

Flute Music Notes



Email or call me to book your first lesson. After your first lesson, monthly advance payment is required.  Payment arrangements through Venmo, Paypal and Zelle are currently accepted. 



The Bell Flute Studio includes; semi-annual recitals, usually in winter with a holiday theme, and in spring to conclude the academic year. Spring recitals 

often include Suzuki level graduations. 

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Lesson Bag

New and continuing flute  students should always have the following for online or in-person lessons:

  • Flute-call me for rental or purchase options

  • Cleaning cloth (bandana size- cotton, silk or bamboo) and cleaning stick (looks like large needle).No fuzzy swabs please.

  • Music (may be recommended after first lesson)

  • Music stand - for home practice

  • Favorite music so far

  • Enthusiasm and excitement to learn

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